ILOC Breganze t shirt

£ 14.00 each
Breganze shirt colour


This is a special one that is restricted to ILOC members only.  Months back, with the help of Riccardo in Breganze, we started discussions with Breganze Minicipal Council to see if we could use the town coat of arms on a few special garments.  Permission was eventually given, as long as the design was limited to ILOC members only and not the general public.

So the first garment available is our normal deluxe t shirt, available in a variety of colours from sizes S all the way to 3XL.  As a limited edition for this design only, we are giving the choice of Italian Blue as an option for a shirt.  Note that an orange shirt is not a standard option because, frankly, the design colouring doesn't really work on orange.  The first shirt design reads 'Home of Laverda' but we are happy to change that or personalise it in any way, particularly if you are going to Breganze in the summer.  Just get in touch with Regalia Ted on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.